wedding shuttle transportation itinerary timeline sample

Whether you're having your ceremony and reception in two different locations or having your wedding in a more remote area where there are no nearby hotels within walking distance, providing shuttles to transport your guests is an ensured way of getting your guests home safe and sound. This is Wisconsin and all, and we all love our beer, so planning shuttles ahead of time will put all of your guests at ease and eliminate any stress or worry. 

The options are endless, from buses, limo buses, trollies or vans, you can have one or two shuttles taking guests back and forth between the ceremony, reception, and hotel. Below is a sample shuttle itinerary based on the ceremony starting at 4:30 pm, guests staying at three different hotels downtown Madison, transporting guests at two different departing times from each hotel to the ceremony, then shuttling guests to the reception as many times as needed. For later on into the evening, shuttles can run every 30 minutes taking guests back to their hotels until your reception ends. 

You will need to adjust your shuttle itinerary based on distance and traffic between each location. 

wedding shuttle transportation bus itinerary timeline sample

You can include this shuttle itinerary on your wedding website, include it in welcome baskets/bags when guests check-in to their hotels and you can also provide this to the hotels to have on file with their staff and post or display in the lobby the day of the wedding.  


2:45 pm | Arrive at the Park Hotel

3:00 pm | Depart the Park Hotel

3:05 pm | Arrive at the Hilton Monona Terrace

3:10 pm | Depart the Hilton Monona Terrace

3:20 pm | Arrive at the Edgewater

3:25 pm | Depart the Edgewater

3:30 pm | Arrive at Ceremony

3:35 pm | Depart Ceremony

3:40 pm | Arrive at the Park Hotel

3:45 pm | Depart the Park Hotel

3:50 pm | Arrive at the Hilton Monona Terrace

3:55 pm | Depart the Hilton Monona Terrace

4:05 pm | Arrive at the Edgewater

4:10 pm | Depart the Edgewater

4:15 pm | Arrive at Ceremony 


5:00 pm | Depart Ceremony

5:05 pm | Arrive at Park Hotel (Reception Venue)

Repeat as many times as needed to transport all guests.

The trolley will pick-up outside in front of the hotel lobby. Trolley arrival/departure times are depending on traffic. There are 35 seats on the trolley.