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Following trends is a really fun part of our job here at WedPlan Madison. Post-pandemic weddings in 2022 are set to be more unique and individual than ever before, with endless ways for couples to customize their day! Weddings will be celebrations, not just of love but also of reunion and recovery. We're already seeing lots of inspiring wedding trends emerge! With equal measures of maximalism and minimalism, we are excited to share our favorite 20 wedding trends we're seeing in 2022 with you! Which one(s) will you try for your big day? We can't wait to find out!



Muted tones have been popular for several years, but bold colors have been making the scene. Bold can be vibrant, or you can choose the earthy tones of bold colors.


With the scheduling and rescheduling of weddings due to the pandemic, couples sometimes had no choice but to turn to a weekday option. Weekday events can also often help trim down the guest lists, as those near and dear are the guests who will go out of their way to make sure they are present.


A wedding day is a whirlwind of people and activities and typically only allows for a brief opportunity to talk with each guest. Adding pre and post-party gatherings allows more time with the people closest to you and people who have traveled a distance to celebrate your marriage. For example, consider a Friday evening intimate ceremony & elegant dinner, followed by a more casual & festive Saturday reception celebration with a larger group of guests, and ending with a Sunday visit to a winery or a gift opening brunch with close family members and friends. Each gathering can have its own curated guest list.


The term micro wedding popped up during the pandemic, with couples drastically reducing their guest counts to 50 or fewer people. Couples quickly realized that a lower guest count allowed for splurges in other areas. They had the opportunity to think outside the box and go beyond the norm. Shifting funds opened opportunities to spend money on guests in different ways beyond the food and beverage bill and create unique experiences with specialty vendors.


The pandemic caused some new lingo to pop up in the wedding world. From micro weddings mentioned above to these two new terms...Anniversary Weddings and Sequel Receptions. An anniversary wedding came out of lockdown when couples had to reschedule but chose the same date, a different year. While a sequel reception is for the couples who chose a more private, intimate ceremony or elopement but had big plans for the Sequel Reception as a larger gathering.



With Boho still being a popular style, we see a lot of gorgeous dresses with intricate details and beautiful long, flowy angel sleeves. Although white and ivory still hold their popularity amongst wedding gowns, color has become a fun and unique alternative and can express one's personality and sense of style. From a subtle blush, blue, or champagne to a vibrant, eye-popping red, color can make a statement. Dramatic and Moody is also a current style trend, bringing black or black accented dresses, and dark hunter-green gowns to the scene, making for a stunning, show-stopping appearance.


Grazing tables have become popular for a tasty and colorful spread of delicious bites. Essentially grazing tables can be a mixture of your favorite foods for you and your guests to feast on. It's a smorgasbord of deliciousness and often very aesthetically appealing as well! A common option is a charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, olives, fruits, jams, and a selection of crackers and bread.


Food trucks started coming on the scene a few years back, but as the number of outdoor events grew, more food trucks with a variety of food options became more common. Whether multiple trucks for various food or dessert "stations" around the grounds to a late-night snack food truck waiting outside your reception venue, it's a fun option to explore. It adds to your guests' experience and unique food choices.


It's been a long day, dinner was hours ago, and some drinking has been enjoyed...time for late-night snacks! This extra treat is a perfect way to add to the experience of your event with a food truck, pizzas, popcorn, ice cream, s'mores, soft pretzels with all the dipping sauces, or how about a spread of your Kwik Trip favs. Whatever your favorites may be, everyone loves food!


Since no one likes being put on the spot, or they might have had a few too many cocktails by the time the reception toast time rolls around, consider pre-wedding toasts. Bumping this event to earlier in the day can be accomplished with video footage of special messages and toasts to the couple, edited together, and presented at the dinner. Or ask your wedding party to prepare their speeches for the more intimate gathering at the rehearsal dinner. Potentially ask that they stay away from embarrassing stories or inside jokes if that's not your style.



Neon signs can be both elegant and festive and can match many wedding styles. Some couples choose to design the sign with their first or last names, while others select fun phrases, such as Better Together, All you need is Love, Crazy in Love, Love Wins, 'Til Death, Happily Ever After, and It was always you. Others choose to adorn the bar area with neon signs that say Cheers, Let's Party, or Drunk in Love.


From big, over-the-top bouquets to luxurious floral installations, many couples are splurging on the flowers, making their event over-the-top gorgeous! From bold, vibrant blooms to neutral petal palettes and dried flowers and grasses, we've seen it all.


Floral hoops, also referred to as circle bouquets, started as a popular trend with boho weddings. It quickly spread to other styles of weddings since the look is versatile depending on the materials used. Circle bouquets are typically made of a lightweight gold hoop, adorned with flowers, greenery, ribbons, macrame, or whatever elements match your wedding day style. You can also mix and match by having the bride carry a bouquet, and the maids carry the hoops or alternate the maids with bouquets and hoops. These hoops are also great for ceremony backdrops and reception decor. They also provide the perfect opportunity to multi-purpose. Start by taking them down the aisle, then hang them up as a backdrop to your head table or sweetheart table.


Mini cakes can be displayed amongst a selection of other desserts. They can also be used as part of the table centerpieces or adorn each individual plate. It all depends on the size and if other desserts are desired. New dessert offerings from area bakers are popping up all the time. They are often chosen based on the couple's favorites, a particular theme, or to offer your guests a variety of delicious bites.


Add to the vibe of any event and to the guest experience with furniture. From ceremony or reception seating to match your style or special seating for the wedding couple to a complete luxurious lounge, pods of seating spaces, and unique bar ideas, amazing furniture sets the tone and creates comfortable gathering spaces. A variety of tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception continue to debut in all styles, materials, shapes, and sizes. Lounge furniture is expanding in inventory to match a variety of themes and aesthetics. Wedding guests love kicking back in comfort while enjoying a cocktail, a small plate of apps, and chatting with friends.



Add some flavor, sophistication, and thoughtfulness to your non-alcoholic drinks by offering a mocktail menu. Your guests will appreciate this fun and delicious alternative to a cocktail, water, or a more traditional soda. Flavors of mocktails can often mimic the taste of a specific liquor flavor without the alcohol. These drinks are not just refreshing but also look absolutely tempting and pleasing to the eyes.


Hemp-loving couples in Wisconsin have a new non-alcoholic bar option for their event: a Bud Bar. A mobile bar serving CBD-only cannabis strains, a Bud Bar offers a unique experience for guests and can be customized to fit the needs of every event. Headed up by a cannabis expert (or budtender), a Bud Bar is fully equipped to share the fun of cannabis with all event attendees regardless of experience level.


First looks originally started with a mini photo session of the couple as they saw each other for the first time before walking down the aisle. Photographers quickly pivoted to additional photo ops capturing the emotions of first looks with others closest to the couple, such as parents, grandparents, other special family members, or the wedding party seeing their beautiful or dashing friend in all their glory.


Due to guests' various comfort levels of attending a wedding, live streaming continues to be popular. Thank goodness for today's technology which allows friends and family to watch a wedding from anywhere, no matter the reason. Many streaming guests have fun with it and enjoy their at-home festivities, celebrating virtually alongside the couple. At-home guest attire and the menu have been anywhere from PJs and popcorn to dressing up and doing a little drinking and dancing of their own. The guests' celebrating could be with their partner or with other family and friends that feel comfortable being together.


You read that right! Some couples are having fun during the ceremony and having a beer boy instead of the flower girl. This wedding party member, of course, would be an adult special attendant, dressed as fun or as dashing as you'd like with their basket-o-beer to randomly hand out to guests as they walk down the aisle.

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