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Summer in Wisconsin is here, and, unfortunately, that means so are the mosquitos! Outdoor weddings are popular and can make for a picture-perfect event, so if you're planning for any part of your special day to take place outdoors as the sun goes down, you need to be proactive and prepared for these pesty insects. Keep reading for some steps you cake take, tips to consider, and options to implement to keep your outdoor wedding mosquito-free!

The very first tip we want to give you is to start by talking with your venue. Tour the land and find out about hot spots such as tall grasses, thicker foliage, and still water so you can plan your festivities accordingly. This is a good time to ask if there are any measures they take or have found to be successful at their venue. Be sure also to ask if they will have someone spray the property before your event or if that falls under your responsibility.

If this is your responsibility, check with a mosquito control company in advance to better understand the process and to see how many applications it will take before your event. You'll want them to coordinate that schedule with the venue so the timing is right for both parties. This step is typically the wedding couple's responsibility, but the investment is worth it to keep the pesky mosquito population down for your special event. 


  • Hire a professional to spray the grounds in advance. (CLICK HERE to see our top recommended local mosquito control vendors!)

  • Talk to your florist about options in flowers that are known to repel mosquitoes, and incorporate them into your decor. 

  • Buy or create your own citronella candles or have paths of tiki torches around the grounds where guests will be present throughout the evening. 

  • Oscillating fans can also help keep the mosquitoes away and cool your guests on a hot day. 

  • Create baskets with bug sprays to set around the reception area in the evening. Have several different bottles (deet and natural) to allow your guests to choose what type of spray they want to apply. Make sure to assign someone to set those out.

Enjoy your mosquito-free wedding day!