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Today we are sharing the fun, intimate engagement session of Jessica and Jameson. Photographed beautifully by Dave Stremikis Photography on the rolling hills of Jessica's family farm in south-central Wisconsin. They chose this location not only for the beautiful nature it offered, but because it is very special to the couple. Read all about Jameson's proposal and the lovely plans they have for their wedding.

SHOOT DATE:  07/07/18

WHAT WAS YOUR VISION FOR YOUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS? Jess and I wanted to capture a moment of us enjoying our time together, outdoors, at a place that is very special to us.

engagement session, outdoor engagement photo, madison wisconsin

HOW DID YOU MEET? We went to the same high school but never met. Jess was a year older and did not know who I was. I always took notice of Jess, as we had similar friends. Fast forward to the end of college and those same friends reunited us. I was able to make a good enough impression that Jess gave me her phone number. She was graduating from college and I had 3 semesters left. We spent that time getting to know each other. Now, 7 years later, we are getting married.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: I had the ring for months but was not in a rush. At the time, I was living about 4 hours away from Jess and we only saw each other once a month for a short weekend. However, when I was headed home for the holidays, something clicked, and I knew it was time. I reached out to her favorite landscape photographer and begged him to make an exception and allow us to "photobomb" one of his sunset photos. He kindly agreed and we picked a location and scheduled a day between Christmas and New Years. Of course, the temperature was -1 out that day and we spent the whole day relaxing on the couch. As the time drew nearer, the photographer told me he had arrived and would be all set up in 30 minutes. I asked Jess if we could go do a sunset walk like we always do in the summer and then we could walk through neighborhoods and look at the Christmas lights. She agreed, but, before we were even outside she noticed that I was shaking. She called me out on being nervous but I tried to play it off as cold. She didn't buy it. We get to the spot and she immediately was curious about the photographer standing there. I told her that he was one of many photographing the sunset and pointed them all out. I think she bought it... When it came time, I said I wanted to take a picture of her looking at the sunset. I had mittens, scarfs, hats, wallets, boxes, and everything else making me fumble and take forever. By the time I got the ring out and looked up at her, she had turned around and was laughing/crying. I don't remember what I said, but I know she said yes. The photo the photographer captured was perfect and is hanging in our home on canvas.

engagement session, outdoor engagement photo, madison wisconsin

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE THE LOCATION OF YOUR SESSION? We chose Jess' family farm. It means the world to her and it has a lot of beautiful backdrops. The choice was very easy.

engagement session, outdoor engagement photo, madison wisconsin

ANY OTHER DETAILS PLANNED? Our wedding will be on May 10, 2019. We are getting married at the Fields Reserve in Stoughton, Wisconsin. We are mostly working with local vendors from our hometown who were referred to us by friends and family. After much contemplation, we decided to get a videographer. Everyone tells us the day goes by too quickly and everything is a blur. We won't regret having memories to watch and share with others down the road. Plus, Jess says she has always wanted to be in a music video.

engagement session, outdoor engagement photo, madison wisconsin

WHAT IS YOUR WEDDING INSPIRATION AND STYLE FOR YOUR WEDDING? We want a small wedding with our closest friends and family. Our style is very simple, with shades of grey and pops of wildflowers. The theme is country meets practical. Our wedding card box is an old mailbox we found on the farm. We plan to buy an assortment of fruit trees to use as decoration and then plant them in the backyard of our new home.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE ABOUT YOUR WEDDING JOURNEY SO FAR? Sharing the wedding planning responsibilities with Jameson has been so helpful in preventing unwanted stress for me - he is my rock. A few of my closest friends got married last year and have offered so much insight on what is essential and what isn't. Talking with others can be so inspiring and help shape your vision. After all the planning, I am excited to see how the day unfolds and take in every moment as much as I possibly can!

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